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  1. SLIS Student Wins Graduate Citizenship Award

    SLIS student Jennifer Schell has won a Graduate Citizenship Award. The scholarship, acknowledging outstanding accomplishments, "recognizes and rewards the tremendous time and commitment she has given to her community."

  2. SLIS Student Ali Jiwa Publishes An Ismaili Studies Bibliography

    Nawazali A. Jiwa, a recent graduate of SLIS, has published a bibliographic article titled “Addenda to Secondary Sources in Ismāʿīlī Studies: The Case of the Omissions,” in MELA Notes: Journal of Middle Eastern Librarianship 86 (2013): 20-101.

  3. Dr. Ali Shiri Presents at the ARMA International Edmonton Chapter on Big Data

    Dr. Shiri delivered a presentation titled ‘The Conundrum of Big Data’ at the ARMA Edmonton Chapter for records and information managers on Tuesday October 14, 2014. The presentation addressed the definition, nature and facets of big data as well as some of the key opportunities, challenges and concerns associated with big data.

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